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Inclusive Skating Figure Skating Event in – Iceland 2014


Early in February 2014 Margarita Sweeney-Baird, Director of Inclusive Skating Organizaion, introduced the idea of having an Inclusive Skating Figure Skating Event in Iceland in May 2014.

By making this a reality we are certain that we are taking a crucial step towards progress for all skaters with a disabillity.  By hosting this event Iceland is taking a stand. We support Inclusive Skating, and we are willing to assist in any way that we can to increase the opportunities that all skaters should have in life --  regardless of their physical or mental disabilities or disorders. We celebrate the opportunity to be the first country outside the UK to participate in this task with Scotland and NISA by hosting an Inclusive Skating Competition. The event is organized by The Icelandic Sports Association for the Disabled and Ösp Sports Club and sanctioned by the Icelandic Special Olympics and the Icelandic Skating Association, with the support of Inclusive Skating and in accordance with the ISU Constitution and General Regulations.

We hope to see you in Iceland 23d til 25th, May 2014.